Welcome to the Himalaya Archive Vienna

The HAV is a modern multimedia archive at the Center for Inter­disciplinary Research and Documentation of Inner and South Asian Cultural History (CIRDIS), University of Vienna, and home to research documentation from South and Inner Asia with a special focus on the Himalaya.

Its over-arching archive structure houses multi-disciplinary data originating from largely third-party funded research projects as well as private collections or donations. It aims to provide a strong foundation for the successful collaboration between research partners from various disciplines united by a common interest and wish to preserve and share their data according to the policies of the open science community.

The HAV is still under development but–afert many delays–expected to go public in the coming month. The following pages are to provide a first glimpse into the thematic and geographical width and depth of the material currently being archived and a series of advanced representational features planned to be integrated later on. At the time of writing a number of further collections are already being evaluated and/or prepared for ingestion.

Further information about us, our ongoing research initiatives and related news can be found on the website of CIRDIS.

The HAV’s Core Area